Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What color highlights would best match me?

hello evryone, i was wonder what color highlights would match me the best and if u can give a website of that color that u think would fit me that be awsome... okay,.. my skin color is like a light brown with caramel

my eyes are dark brown, some parts of my hair like the back is long while the rest is medium legnth, and my head shape is kinda oval, and i am a petite size and my age is 15.What color highlights would best match me?
Blonde or light brown

however, I would say none. Highlights alway look so fake and unnatural. Sounds to me like you have gorgeous hair now!What color highlights would best match me?
U should go for a crazy color.. that is if u like to be unique or if ur school allows it... my hair is light brown and i have blonde, red (not the actual color red, its the haircolor red), and pink highlights Report Abuse

I think you should get some light highlights of red.
definitely go for the caramels or the softer browns a little lighter than your hair color. uhm...maybe if you're feeling a little adventurous you could try a darker blonde!

-best of luck!!

Blond or caramel brown would totally match you!

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