Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have dark brown hair, what color highlights?

I have dark brown hair and its really dark, and i called my hair salon yesterday and i told her i wanted blonde foils(highlights) throughout my hair, and she said that my hair is so dark that it would turn out ither a golden blonde or a carmel color, but i dont want it to look cheesy, and i really dont want to waste my money on something ill hate,cause i have really thick hair and its not cheap. would keeping the bleach in longer help? or would it like fry my hairI have dark brown hair, what color highlights?
do caramel, it looks really good. you can't leave the bleach in longer or it will absolutely fry your hair and would not be worth it at all. maybe you could even try dark purple? that would be pretty too.. its different and its fun!I have dark brown hair, what color highlights?
don't...highlights look cheesy on dark hair. or maybe you can try a slightly lighter brown but the highlights should be able to blend in with your hair color. i'm sure someone will probably say red but seriously don't do it. i think dark hair looks prettiest when it's shiny and one color.
hazel,honey,almond,white blond,or cherry
carmal thin stripes
u should get hyour hair bleached and then get ethier honey blonde or the ruby red

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